Basic Characteristics of the Planets 

The Sun

Of fine appearance, youthful, with manly eyes, receiving promotion, quick, truthful, those given to exercise.

In a nativity, the all-seeing mind, nature's fire (which is closest to God) and the intellectual light of the soul, the organ of the mind's perception, indicates Kingship, rule, intelligence, intellect, motion itself, a loftiness of fortune, the ordinances of the divine (gods), judgement, public reputation, action, authority over the masses, the father, friendship (likeness), noble personages, being honored in pictures, statues, paintings, high honor.

It rules over the spiritual faculties, the heart, the head.

The Moon 

A feminine countenance, truthful, who eat well, those who mind their own business, those who associate with women, those are liked, those who are boastful.

The Moon, lit merely by the Sun's light and thus possessing a borrowed, counterfeit, low-born light, in a nativity indicates man's body, life, the mother, conception, living together, appearance, nurture, house keeping, the older sibling, the Queen, mistress of the house, physical possessions, fortune, the city, gathering of crowds, public opinion, expenses, the household, voyages, meandering.

It rules the breathe and the body.


Those with dark, sunken eyes, toilsome, liars, those endowed with genius, those who are solitary, those with bad habits, those who are ill-intentioned, secretly cowardly, upset with everything.

Malignant, care-worn, squalid, self-depreciating, solitary, deceitful, dressed in black, sad-looking, secretive in their trickery, strict, downcast, with a hypocritical air, miserable.

Saturn causes humblings (of both Fortune & Spirit), sluggishness, unemployment, obstacles in business, subversion of business, lawsuits, imprisonment, chains, grief, secrets, accusations, capture, tears, bereavement.

It also puts into one's hand great rank and distinguished positions ruling over others, doctors, farmers, supervisors, managing the property of others, parenting the children of others.


Dignified, of noble actions, truthful, giving good counsel, freedom-loving, those who cooperate with everyone.

Childbearing, desire, love, political ties, friendship with powerful people, prosperity, salaries, great gifts, abundance of crops, justice, high office, rank, authority over temples, trusts, inheritance, brotherhood, fellowship, beneficence, the secure possession of goods, money, relief from troubles, release from difficulty, freedom.


Resourceful, those who have traumas to the body, bold, warriors, contemptible, miserable, suspicious, adulterous, hard-drinkers, those who are turbulent in everything.

Wars, force, plundering, screams, violence, whoring, the loss of property, abortion, banishment, exile, alienation from parents, capture, the death of wives, lies, love affairs, anger, marriages, vain hopes, strong-armed robbery, looting, banditry, quarrels among friends, fighting, verbal abuse, hatreds, lawsuits.

It brings violent murders, bloodshed, attacks of fever, burns, chains, torture, masculinity, false oaths, wandering, loitering, embassies under difficult circumstances, actions involving iron and fire, tool workers, masonry.

In addition Mars causes commands, soldiers, campaigns and leadership, hunting, injury, falls or car accidents, bad vision, strokes. It controls the hard and the abrupt.


Full of worth, fortunate, great of soul, gracious, those who are adored (especially by women), erotic, musical, amorous, those who have a beauty mark on the face.

Venus is desire and erotic love. It indicates the mother and nurture. It makes for the sacred, school superintendents, high offices with the right to wear a gold ring or a crown, cheerfulness, friendship, companionship, the acquiring of property, marriages, the purchase of fine things, agreements on favorable terms, pure trades, fine voices, a taste for music, art, sweet singing, beauty, painting, mixing of colors, stylists.

Venus makes inventors and masters of these crafts, work in jewelry. It causes people to be gold workers, barbers, those fond of cleanliness and play. Laughter, good cheer, it brings benefits from high ranking women, it brings very high rank; it is the recipient of support from others and of pleasure.


Given to rationalization, quick of speech, liars, those who write well, thieves, impostors, those who speak many languages, bankers, lawyers, scientists, those who take notes.

Mercury indicates education, letters, disputing, reasoning, logic, interpretation, brotherhood, numbers, accounts, geometry, youth, games, theft, associations, communication, service, gain, discoveries, obedience, wrestling, sports, speeches, certification, over-seeing, weighing and measure, the testing of coinage, versatility, hearing.

It is the bestower of forethought and intelligence, the lord of youths and brothers, the creator of all marketing and banking. In its own character, it makes temple builders, sculptors, doctors, secretaries, legal advisors, orators, philosophers, architects, musicians, prophets, diviners, dream interpreters, weavers, systematic physicians, technical professions, those in charge of strategy in war, those undertaking any unusual systematic work in reasoning.

Mercury makes those who make their living from display of skill or intelligence, deception, slight of hand, or chance-taking. It also makes those who are astrologers, those who earn fame by winning pleasure, charming with their amazing fears -- all for the sake of gain. These star's effects go in many directions depending on the changes of the Zodiac and interactions with the other stars, and yields quite varied results: knowledge for some, selling for others, service to others, teaching for others, public employment with documents for others. As for the end result -- Mercury will make everything changeable in outcome, unsettled and varied.

Sources: "Pythagoras" & Valens

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