What is Astrology ?

 "In the beginning was the Word."

Astrology literally means "star speech."

In the most ancient of times, nature was conceived as like a book that can be read.

Man, endowed with Speech himself, is intended to read the Signs in Heaven, in order to interpret the celestial map which will be reflected in matter.

"If there is a science which mankind needs, it is a science which 
can teach man how to live, in order to be a man." -- Kant

"The Heavens declare the glory of God.

Day after day they pour forth speech

Night after night revealing knowledge.

There is no speech where

This Voice is heard not.

Their line has gone through all the earth,

Their utterances to the end of the world."

Your personal astrology chart offers a Grand Oversight of your life

Learn your Specific Times Periods and their Qualities


Astrology Kinds ?

There are five main branches of astrology, and each astrologer has a bias in how they look at a chart unless they have gone all the way to the Source of astrology, which is from the most ancient of times.

Natal Astrology ... refers to making meaningful sense out a person's life. This is done using the positions of the planets to make determinations based on elemental considerations. This includes a person's fated time periods, in which a particular planet will governs a span of time. Depending on how that planet is located in the birth chart -- good or bad for lack of a better term -- the time period in question will take on this quality. This means that if you have a planet that is well situated in the chart, that when it becomes active, the life will be favorable.

Further, you can determine if a person will have success easily in the particular areas of life, or if success in that area comes after struggle; or, conversely if it will be good in the beginning and bad in the end, or areas of life can be undermined even, and maltreated.

The word Planet actually means WandererAnd what does it mean "to wander in the dark"? How are you (as a human being) like a Wanderer, like the stars above?

Relationship Astrology ... consists of discovering the inherent strength of compatibility between couples -- are we emotionally congruent? At odds? Is this relationship based only on lust? Is there a failure to communicate? Knowing who is good for you and who is not is certainly a time saving advantage!

More, the heart of your relationship can be seen as if the relationship itself were a living entity. Interesting!

Almost 8 years ago I used astrology to hook two people up together, based on their highly compatible charts. I told them that they are destined for one another. They are now happily married. This is the kind of thing you can do in this field of astrology.

Horary Astrology ... refers to answering Yes or No questions.

For example "Where is the money?" or "Will my pet be found?" or "Should I take this particular job?"
These are commonplace questions answered using this ancient branch.

Mundane Astrology ... is the rising and falling of nations and empires, kingdoms, social and worldly events, politics. This is a very specialized field and has profound implications for understanding history. When to go to war, when to found a city, etc were common questions thought about by the King's astrologer.

Election Astrology ... is the choosing of a certain, particular time for an event to ensure success.

For example, if you want to get married, never get married when Venus and Mars -- indicating women and men respectively -- are poorly represented in the astrology chart. You want the closest bond when you engage in something like that. It's truly a Heavenly thing.

You find that books published on auspicious days become highly successful.


How Do I Book a Consultation  ?!

I require 24 hours notice before doing a birth chart. This is because the entire chart needs to be taken into account, and this requires time to process. I do not like to read charts "cold" because there are a tremendous number of factors to look at, and it is an art to juggle them all at once.


date of birth

time of birth

city of birth

contact me even without your birth time in order to rectify the time.

When Purchasing Reading Below, Call me to ascertain the best time for your appointment

in person or over the phone, skype, online chat

Horoscopic Astrology Consultations

$ 85 USD


Compassionate & Wise -- all my efforts are in serving you for the greatest good.

I have over 12 years in the business and have served 1000s of satisfied persons in the astrology field. 

Specializing in the astrology which appeared in ancient Greece
and Egypt in the 2nd century BCE.

May be recorded unto MP3 and emailed to you.

Your consultation lasts 90 minutes long

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