"Hypnosis offers a possibility of being much more inventive. And much more creative"

-- Milton Kline

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Hypnotic Analgesia / Pain Control

$ 95 USD

Actually of course, phantom limb pain can be eliminated, or just other areas of discomfort can be gotten rid of through hypnotic techniques.

Unlearn the body's unconscious habit of making discomfort worse than it needs to be, because of learned limitations.

Stop all pain signals from reaching the awareness, so you can undergo a procedure, in hypnosis.


Smoke Cessation Sessions

$ 195 USD

Two initial sessions. Third session 6 months later to secure the change.



$ 425 USD

5 sessions; or no more than 10


deepest level of hypno-modification being offered


Past Life Regression

$ 101 USD

Experience memories you have forgotten and see them on a screen; allows and enables you go deeper into yourself and makes sense out of things.


Magnetic Trance Healing

$ 50 USD

A combination of Mesmerism, Chakra Balancing, Radesthesia, NLP, Theta Brainwave Entrainment.  Undergo PROFOUND TRANCE STATES

Most especially good for those who do not wish to undergo an extensive analysis of a problem, but rather, wish to release all tension. Evoking positive potentials along the way.


LOW PRICE, wow !


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