The Fate Goddesses

Clotho produces and unwinds the Thread of Life

Lachesis determines Thread's Length

Atropos cuts the Thread

What is my Life Purpose ?

What are the Seasons of my Soul ?

How does the moment of birth influence my Course ?


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Astrology Readings

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Birth Chart Consulting

My clients always leave the consultation feeling satisfied they have received a great deal of insight into the workings of their life. As a deterministic astrology, I am especially interested in helping people understand their past, live fully in the present, and foresee the future. I also leave the consultation feeling happy that someone has gained spiritual and ego strength from being able to so precisely see one's life in detail. I always meet my clients at their level and never push them to know anything more than they are ready to observe. In the careful hands of one aware of the Golden Rule, the power of deterministic astrology is ... great indeed !

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