Aries the Ram

is the diurnal house of Mars, exaltation of the Sun, and secret house of Pluto. a masculine image, tropical, authoritative,  fiery, ascending, semi-vocal, administrative, public, civic, unproflic, servile, the cause of reputation. Those who are born under its influence will be bright, notable, commanding, just, with a hatred of knaves, free, authoritative,  bold in purpose, braggarts, great-hearted, inconstant, irregular, haughty  threatening, quickly changing, well-off. When the rulers are well situated, the natives become kingly, powerful, and have the power of life and death.

This sign governs the head itself, they have great mental energy but are inclined to be impulsive. They can look ahead into the unknown and foresee things with remarkable clearness of vision. They are always prepared for the unknown and place their awareness strong in the present moment or a few seconds ahead of the moment, anticipating. They are independent, ambitious, driven towards reputation, in love with their image, seeing themselves on top. They are exacting of the loyality they are to receive from others. In their youth they possess the most power, the quality of which maitians them for their entire lives. They fly off in tangents and rush into danger somewhat recklessly. They are never at a loss for words and make excellent speakers and singers on account of their passion and height of fame. They are sometimes too hopefully with regard to their enterprises and generally overestimate. They are good at all labors. Because of the crispness of their vision, they make prophetic statements. Adventurous. Assertive. Impatient

When the Sun and planets are in the Midheaven, the native will be taller than most, and if their ruler, Mars, is aspecting the Ascendant, their hair will be red, or blondish red. They have quick metabolisms, are always in motion and are thin. They take care of their bodies on account of their reputation and desire to impress upon others what they believe to be the greatest gift in creation -- the love that is in them !

Taurus the Heavenly Bull

is the nocturnal house of Venus, exaltation of the Moon. Feminine, solid, fixed, lying in the spring tropic, bony, rising from the hind-parts. It is the wealth-bringing image of the cosmos, earthy, rural, pertaining to freedmen, sinking, unprolific, semi-vocal and mute, good, unchangeable, industrious, significant for foundations, acquisitions. Those influenced by Taurus will be good, versed in a handicraft, hard-working, good at preserving things, pleasure loving, music lovers, generous, while some of them will be planters, builders, husbandmen. If positively influenced, they become priests, gymnasiarches, those deemed worthy of crowns or statues, notable and bright.

Taurus is a calm, placid sign. They have clear minds and resolve confusions in others through their simple understandings. They are slow to start a new adventure or project, requiring knowledge of the full effort expected of them before committing their energy. Once in motion, their inertia is unchallenged; they cannot be stopped on account of their will and inertia. But these are practical persons, those who enjoy the luxury of their senses. They spend a good deal of time in the kitchen or in the garden. They will get their hands dirty and are not shy of labor. Their every effort is carefully executed to create a sense of stability and security. They are seductive. They make wonderful providers and husbands, full of loyalty  lovers of music, art and poetry. They are appreciative, grateful, akin to mercy and devotion. they are also blunt and sometimes crude. if they are injuired at heart, they can be absolutely direct with regarding a hurtful emotion they wish to transmit to a person. They do not understand human relations instinctively like the air signs, but they will build their knowledge up slowly and master the art of relationships with sure grace. They are patient and require time to master the art of living, which they love to do. They have an affinity for a soft hue of blue. Impossible to impose upon, they resist change with their whole being.

Gemini the Twins

is the diurnal house of Mercury. It is masculine, bicorporeal, euphonious, ascending, airy, effeminate, public, barren. Those so born become fond of discourse, those who work with letters and education, poetic, lovers of music, teachers of the use of communication, curious, capable in matters of management  those who receive trust. They also become interpreters, those with aptitude for commerce, critics of good and bad, prudent, initiations in occult matters.

Gemini is a positive sign, very conversational, talking with their hands, animated, loving puzzles and brightening up the day of others with their small, appreciative remarks. These are the people most likely to say hello to a stranger while walking down the street. They have fine minds, the kind that is akin to scientific en devours  They are skeptics of the occult. Eclectic, they have their own style; sometimes Gemini produces nerdy types other times hipsters. They enjoy a wide range of hobbies, always consuming acute mental energy, devoting much time to their games as a means of occupying their minds and staying afloat, knowing random facts about everything and memorizing seemingly irrelevant facts like numbers. Youthful and optimistic, they have many friends and can easily get along with anybody, young or old. They have strong opinions on topics and will surpise you with their clarity of understanding of seemingly inconsequential things. They are wonderful in motion, never staying in one place for long, lovers of patterns and change, they seem carefree and happy all the time. They tend to talk constantly, desirous of an ear that will listen to their rambles. Compassionate souls, they do small things to help the world improve, but they are also capable of managing large networks and make good sale persons and business persons. They are bright and typically delightful souls.

Cancer the Crab

is the house of the Moon, exaltation of Jupiter. It is feminine, tropical, slavish, sinking, mute, watery, good, public, popular, changeable, proflic, civil,  amphibious. Those so born will be fond of reputation, popular, theatrical, cheerful, fond of pleasure and entertaining, inconstant in knowledge, saying one thing but thinking another, those who do not remain with one activity or two for long, who end up wandering and sojourning abroad. It is calm.

Cancer is a sign moving through emotion, affectionate, moved by every courtesy, stirred constantly the protection of the unconscious which is viewed being a nebulous, wonderous, unspeakable thing, teary or crying or weeping. Expressive of the height of the Soul. They are the best caregivers, doing unto others all others as they would have do to their own mother; tenderly, quick to remove all emotional pain from others, as though negative emotions were a tangible thing that could be removed from others like a surgeon, empathy Their families form great theatrical units, their children are blessed by the display of colorful emotions. In them is every experience of the Universe, waiting to be called upon; remembering, nostalgia, dreams, the breast and nipple. They wear armor, or a psychic protective shield and guage very quickly whether a person can be trusted or not based on their insticts, warming up very quickly and cooling down very quickly in relationship to Other. Their families are large and full of theatrics. Unstable at times on account of the moon's constant change of face.

Leo the Royal Lion

is the house of the Sun. It is masculine, free, fiery, well-tempered, noetic, kingly, sedentary, good, ascending, sold, authoritative,  civil, originative, irascible. Those so born are notable, good, unchangeable, just, despising work, insubordinate, despising flattery, beneficent, puffed up with intentions. If well situated, they will be bright, esteemed, tyrannical, kingly. It is scorching.

Leo is original, royal, popular, protective (instinctual), noble, jealous, tyrannical, arrogant, always hungry with lust in the degrees between 22 - 30*. The first lot, the boundaries of Jupiter, possess the pure color of orange, which are free from all depressions. The sun scorches in the Lion -- the winter has been burned away with the fiery will of the cosmos. Leos will have important relationships with important thinkers of the world, be famous in their city, possessing great humor, playfulness, grace and lust.

Virgo the Maiden (the Woman)

is the nocturnal house of Mercury, the exaltation of Mercury. It is feminine, winged, human in form, fastidious  set in the shape of Justice, bicorporeal, barren, unfruitful, sinking, earthy, common, changeable, pertaining to those who practice a handicraft, dual-natured. Those so born are good, modest, involved with mysteries, full of care, those who lead a diverse life, managers of the property of others, faithful, good at domestic affairs, writers, those who are supported by speeches and calculations, hypocritical, curious, meddlesome, initiates into occult matters, those who spend their initial resources but prosper in middle age.

Virgo is sensual, beautiful, intelligent, keen, noticing a single item has moved from its place, concerned with human needs, moral, orderly and neat, inclined to education, esteemed physicians, famous nurses, double natured because she is a virgin who holds a piece of wheat that is truly sacred, obeying the law, appalled by evil, careful, modest, arriving early, standing up against what is wrong, confrontational at times, supportive of equal rights, hating vulgarity.

Libra the Balance (the Scales)

is the diurnal house of Venus, exaltation of Saturn. It is masculine, airy, tropical, vocal, human in form, ascending, public, effeminate, good, diminishing of one's belongings, productive of fruits, wines, olves, unguents, of balances, measures, pertaining to those who practice handicrafts. Those so born are good and just, though malicious, desirous of the goods of others, moderate, those who lose what they have first acquired and those who have their ups and down, those who live irregularly, those who oversee measures and weights or supplies.

Scorpio the Scorpion

is the nocturnal house of Mars. It is feminine (receptive), solid, fixed, watery, prolific, destructive, sinking, slavish, mute, unchangeable, cause of foul smells, subtractave of one's belongings, diverse. Those so born are treacherous, knavish, rapacious, murderous, traitors, those who are liable to have their belongings taken away, secretive plotters, thieves, perjured, desirous of the things of others, privy to murders or sorcery or malicious doing, haters of their own families.

Scorpio is a diverse psychological guard, colored as though to remain hidden, yet also blazing, utilization of motivations, seeking to bypass, a place where the carnal pleasures are enjoyed, nocturnal activities, stripping others of their weapons, for the protection of Establishment. Scorpio is the most psychological sign, the amygdala, critical emotions, life and death, trauma, the vile and mutilated, protector from fear, to be cool as though hidden, the stinger used severely because of turning to the left, it possessing a certain cold poison, the shattered fragments of the past which drive a man towards insanity, sorting the positive from the negative and vice versa, being driven without knowledge towards the expression of a lower emotion, sex etc. Those armed and ready to assault with words or violence,

Sagittarius the Arrow Shooter

is the diurnal house of Jupiter. It is masculine, fiery, ascending, vocal, watery, good, winged, changeable, bicoroporeal, dual-natured, enigmatical,  barren, authoritative,  kingly. Those so born are good, just, great-hearted, critical generous, fond of brothers and friends, those who diminish what they first acquired but acquire them again, those who prevail over enemies, lovers of reputation, versatile, notable, those who weave matters in a riddling fashion.

Sagittarius is the centaur, its first 1/2 being human in shape while the second 1/2 is that of a horse, possess turbo legs as though on a motorcycle, outcast, free, above the law, seeking far out experiences, entirely diverse, a cosmic backdrop, philosophical, experienced, possessing unique opinions about everything, moderately rebellious, against the idea of war, humanitarian, cool, graceful, practical, intelligent, talented in many things. Positive, always laughing jovially  those who suffer the loss of possessions through fool-heartiness, the wasting of some inheritance, the restoration of debt at a later time, those who ingeniously expand their own horizons, the brotherhoods and sisterhoods (even more because Aquarius sees and hears Sagittarius), lovers of theatrics, shows, music, large gatherings, the loud, bass, architecture,  exploratory realms, the edge of chaos, the ticket to a greater understanding, mercy. When this sign is inflicted by an evil it makes truly wicked psychotics, thieves, madmen and gruesome murderers on account of this sign's loose wildness, and attitude of freedom (freedom in evil acts). Sagittarius is the cause of hallucinations. For this reason, the Lilith in Sagittarius is most dangerous when afflicted by Uranus and Mars.

Capricorn the Goat-Horned One

is the nocturnal house of Saturn, exaltation of Mars. It is feminine (receptive), tropical, earthy, destructive, unfruitful, sinking, chilled, mute, cause of evils, licentious, servile, enigmatical,  dual-natured, very watery, an image for cripples, indicator or toil and trouble, an image for stone-cutters and farmers. Those so born will be bad, of different sorts, good and simple at exposition, hardworking, full of care, insomniac, fond of laughter, planners of great works, those liable to make bad mistakes, fickle, mischievousness, liars, culpable, shameful. It is temperate.

This sign is enigmatical, those who work very hard, farmers, doctors, yogis, those who in the later part of life have achieved greater than most, their cheekbones are high while the face and eyes are small, these people dress in black. those who step by step achieve a great goal, taking a great deal of time to do things properly, those not relying upon luck but grit, those who are licentious and horny, the grandfather archetype this Image reveals the end part of life and moves youngsters towards wisdom attainable through hard work, unafraid of silence and solitude, this sign achieves miracles step by step. Capricorn reveals the unconscious layers of work which must be addressed. The 2nd half of Capricorn is an ocean creature, therefor it makes the best hypnotists, those who are structured by language yet exploratory, the weird, those who are up at night contemplating the secrets of the universe (in their pajamas), it makes those with perfect perceptions because they are much experiences and long suffering, those hating to waste effort or time, the ingenious at time saving, those in auto-hypnotic trances, the unusual and different, those who take the long way and do experiments  reality testing, standing at the limits of the achievable, cutting off that which is deficient, structured, cold, methodological, scientific, bragging about their methodology, egotistical and superior in complex.

Aquarius the Water Pourer

is the diurnal house of Saturn. It is the masculine image of the universe, solid, fixed, human in shape, pertaining to waterside trades, one of a kind. It is vocal, very cold, free, ascending, effeminate, unchangeable, bad, barren, cause of troubles through struggle, or of burdens and working in hard materials, pertaining to those who practice handicrafts, public. Those so born are malicious, haters of their own families, single-minded, deceitful, treacherous, those who conceal everything, misanthropists, impious, accuses, betrayers of opinion and truth, begrudging, concerned with trifles, at times generous, in-content. It is entirely wet.

Pisces the Fishes

is the nocturnal house of Jupiter and the exaltation of Venus. It is the feminine image of the Universe, very wet, pertaining to waterside trades, bicoporeal, prolific, full of eruptions, scaly, sinewy, humped, of twin form, mute, restless, rough, opposed to itself because of being in the south and in the north. It is descending, slavish, changeable, prolific, sociable, the cause of wandering, complicated (multi-faceted).

Pisces is swept away by dreams, imaginative, wondrous  sensitive in every way. These people are diverse, usually extremely kind to others unless they have been exploited for their graces in which case they will retreat into a life of illusion. They are those overwhelmed by kindness, graces and charity, easily moved, brought to tears and easily impressed upon. They possess a wild side within them which is sometimes brought out through dances and the mystical and religious. Sometimes Pisces makes scientists, the kind who explore the unknown carefully dividing the true from the false. Pisces is right-brained lovers of music, romantic, the only Zodiac sign actually described as being "sexy" by the ancients.  

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