Astrologers Initiated
In the Phenomena of Being

In any field, vague and unscientific language can be a sign that the practitioner has not yet fully grasped the scepter, so to speak. Many people use astrology to try to be psychologists and provide superficial, generalized information. Only those who have made astrology a serious academic study will be able to make use of it in a way that is fitting for its divine nature. Just as the stars are fixed, so to are the predictions. Astrology means "stars speaking"; the astrologer must know the metaphysical principles (which are very complex) in order to make predictions. Astrology is not superficial, and those who turn it into a popular fad are misrepresenting it. But at least it keeps astrology known in society, as it has been known (although in much more divine form) for over 2,500 years.

Ancient astrologers not only know the rules, methods and procedures needed in order to determine the effects of the stars (eg will this planet be helpful or harmful, will its effects last permanently or give way, are there forces outside the planet itself that cause its power/effect to be weakened) -- the ancient astrologers know the time periods of a person's life, and therefor the astrologers knows more or less exactly when the native's fortune will rise and fall, when they will fall in love, when their Spirit is weakened and strengthened, when the ruler of the destiny (viz, a planet) becomes active and the life reaches maturity, when the winds change and propel the life in a particular direction with a particular amount of force (a ship can move slowly or at high speed), and so on.

Everything in the above paragraph is totally lacking in modern astrology. They have no systematic rules based on metaphysical principles for determining the fitness and time periods of the stars. Rather, modern astrology is a hodgepodge of eclectic and vague "techniques" which are lacking in conceptional meaning. The basis of the concepts they use are not even known to them. What right should they have, then, in using them? For instance, that the nature of Saturn corresponds to the aspect called the Diametrical Opposition is not known to them. And there exists something called the Thema Mundi, which is the Nativity of the World itself. This birth chart which defines our reality and contains in a most remarkable way all the rules of astrology is not even known to them.

Ask your astrologer, then, if they have ever heard of the Thema Mundi. If they have not, then you are assured they do not understand astrology from the traditional viewpoint. Whatever form of astrology they do, then, is different than the Genesis of astrology, yet all of the fundamental elements they use come from this Genesis (500 BCE).

Astrologers in our time, deluded by the belief in their limitless power and ability to create their own reality, tend to project an overly optimistic view of the universe unto the client. Instead of seeing things as they truly are, they ignore the bad and pretend everything is positive all the time. This appears to be a product of living in the civilized, spoiled Western World in which freedom is at hand. Because they have freedom of movement, freedom of thought, they imagine that the planets are not rulers of their fate. And so their work is an oxymoron. "Humanistic Astrology" is the ultimate oxymoron, suggesting that the human being's will is more powerful than the infinite, ceaseless circlings of the stars in Heaven. And their clients believe them since it appeals to their infantile wish to be cared for by an all powerful parent -- in this case themselves. By doing so they deny themselves the truth of reality. Thus, when hardship does happen, they are not well equipped to handle trauma, since they cannot deny the suffering facing them.

Other techniques were so profound -- not just in terms of metaphysical implications, but in terms of the overall fixed centrality of the need to apply the application of it in order to understand the basis of the horoscope -- that the ancients tucked and hid the seeds into their treatises, so deeply hidden that the uninitiated would not notice them at all. On the other hand, the initiated astrology -- an adept of metaphysics -- would be forced to engage in deep contemplation that could take years of concentrated effort to unravel. One ancient text in particular was written in what you might call a holographic manner. Plato wrote similarly -- to awaken the desire of the soul for the love of knowledge, the love of beauty. In order to do this, you cannot simply hand to a person the rules of astrology on a fixed platter. The work and effort required to gain these divine secrets must be earned.

This wrapping up of the essence of a thing -- a form of writing we simply do not see in modern times -- which sealed potentiated force of an idea, which was arranged intentionally, initiated the reader so that their Mind was taken above the world and into the Realm of Being, where Ideas themselves are found. Is this not astrology? This was done through the meticulous arranging of words, and the formation multiple layers of meaning, which interweaved with one another and crossed many boundaries near and far, and which are proportional to one another in terms of spacing and distance and in fact the sound of the words themselves. Modern people do not realize the sacredness of sound itself which has magical implication. Sound, truly sounded, resonates with the Idea which the sound is a symbol of. This form of illustrating has a direct intentional correlation in the divine, in the way that nature is the symbol of the Creator.

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