The Healing Journey of Tori Amos

In another article "Time Periods", I mentioned a particular astrological signature that has the correlation of bringing a higher likelihood of persons becoming a victim of assault. This configuration is seen in Amos' chart, and I would like to discuss the astrological timing involved in the assault, her subsequent difficulties for a number of years afterwards, and her eventual triumph over enemies, leading to a transformation and restoration.

The unfortunate signature for assault is when the planet Mars (the war planet) is in one of the 4 cardinal images (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), and the Moon aspects Mars while the Moon is increasing in light; and far worse if during the day time, and seemingly unavoidable when Mars is on one of the four angles of the chart (1st, 10th, 7th, 4th Whole Sign Place), and in the energetic regions of the chart (measured by so-called dynamical house division). This same effect occurs when Mars is angular to the Lot of Fortune, which is what we have in her chart. This is because the Lot of Fortune acts as a secondary Ascendant. 

In Amos' chart, Mars is in the 12th place/topic/house. Not only is this the most difficult place, but Mars is opposite to his own joy while located in this 12th, and is particularly harmful here. Especially because Tori was born during the day, and Mars is contrary to the sect (doesn't like to cooperate) this Mars
indicates hidden enemies wrought from the presence of masculine entities. Mental or spiritual anguish wrought from actions of war or hatred.

Notice the red hair that she has. Mars is the called the Red Planet. Whenever you see a woman with brightly dyed red hair, you know she has a strong Mars! And she will be even stronger and even more fiery is she is born from a race which is Martial in nature, such as the hispanics, whom I love.

Using a timing technique from Vettius Valens, we find that the assault occurred (.... drumroll ....) during her Mars time period. In other words, if Mars is a problem in the natal chart, then we can tell that when Mars becomes the activated ruler of time, that is when the "war" things kick in.

For our friend Tori, we see that Mars being ruler of her times from age 18 years all the way to 21 years and 9 months. The assault happened when she was 21. Mars, according to Valens, governs:

"... force, plunderings, screams, violence, abuse, whoring, banishment, exile, strong-armed robbery, looting, anger, fighting, hatred; it brings violent murders, bloodshed, torture, hunting ..."

Recall once again that the signature for assault is when Mars receives the testimony of the Moon.

Now, narrowing things down unto the time of her assault, Mars (assault) was the primary ruler, while the Moon (who rules the body and things feminine) was the secondary ruler. The primary ruler indicates the Essence of the time period, and the secondary ruler indicates the Form it takes. This means that Mars (pain) would be expressed through the Moon (the feminine).

The icing on the cake: during the year of the assault, Tori had reached the yearly profection where Leo was the Ascending Sign -- which puts Mars in the sign Cancer, which is his worst Sign to be located in, called its depression. Cancer, in fact, is ruled by the Moon. Again we have Mars and the Moon testifying to one another and indicated some real danger.

Far too many women blame themselves for what may have happened, and then retreat into a labyrinth of pain. Many do not, at the time, have the skill sets needed to assimilate and grow from tragedy. Too many are unaware of their own inner resources, or have become severed from themselves by the assault. For that is the exact meaning of this Mars-Moon aspect. Mars = severe; Moon = emotions. We cannot allow this to happen! Healing always happens when a person reconnects to themselves, but the memory of the trauma prevents the person from being able to make that connection. Astrology can be useful, I hope, because it shows that at some level, things were beyond your control, that is -- do not blame yourself for what happened. Reconnect and you will heal.

The Staircase of Recovery

It is unfortunate that following her Mars period she entered her Saturn period. Mars and Saturn are the two difficult planets, which make life more alien. No one wants to be in one malefic period, let alone two in a row. Malefic means evil-doer. When Mars and Saturn are the rulers of the times, they make for the hardest parts of life. Yet in her chart, Mars is more harmful than Saturn since she was born during the day time.

Saturn is the planet of darkness, oppression, depressions and long standing hardships you wish you could overcome but life just seems to go against you. In everyone's life, the time period of Saturn is the most difficult time period one can experience, because of the very nature of Saturn as "the great malefic" (evil doer). In the grand scheme of the Cosmos, Saturn provides us with free will and the ability to leave darkness behind; lessons of the soul. So although we say its "evil", at an exalted view it makes sense.

Valens says that when Mars hands over to Saturn it creates a "terrible and disturbed" time period. During these years, our friend Tori Amos' depression was so overwhelming that did not release any music! It was not until the very end of the period when Saturn started to lighten up that she released any music. For a person who has been writing music non-stop since age 5, this is quite significant. Saturn, you devil you.

Hope literally came to her when her Jupiter period began, at age 29 years and 3 months. After a period of silence, her first full length album, called "Little Earthquakes" was released at age 29 years and 5 months.

Jupiter is the planet which restores things to a higher ordered state. During the Jupiter time period, everything in the life improves. For her, this meant the darkness went away. It indicates a happy time, a time when things seem to flow together naturally, a warmth similar to that of the Sun. It creates friendships and the person makes connections, a truly solid foundation is established. Fate seems to be on the side of the native and we say that "things are good".  If only we could permanently be in a Jupiter period, right?!

Our hero Valens says that Jupiter indicates:

"desire, friendship with powerful persons, prosperity, salaries  great gifts, abundance, justice, ranks, authority in business, trusts, inheritance, brotherhood, fellowship, beneficence, the secure possession of goods, relief from troubles, release from bonds, freedom, money."

Of these 3 years while Jupiter was her ruler of the times, we can see that the strongest effect would have occurred while Jupiter was in Scorpio, because this is her 1st house (her Ascending Sign).  This transit of Jupiter in her Ascendant clearly had a positive effect on her. She wrote songs called "Past the Mission", "Godand, of all titles .... "Pretty Good Year" !!!

Jupiter governs the house that the ancients had named God (because it rules over religion and spirituality) -- the 9th house. The 9th house (God) in Amos' chart is, in fact, ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter being in the first house brings about the manifestation of this domain of life.

The song Past the Mission includes the lyrics, "Past the mission/ Behind the prison door/ I smell the roses" I interpret to indicate her getting over her past. That is, her difficult Saturn period which had just come to a close 2 months earlier. Interestingly, Saturn is said to rejoice in the 12th house. The 12th house is the place of prison. She has been freed and "pale yellow" is gone; the scent of flowers now lingers.

As for the title "Pretty Good Year" .... the connection is obvious that it actually offers pretty outstanding evidence of astrology's validity. That is, because of the fact that during this time she was in a Jupiter period and Jupiter was in her 1st house.

As I mentioned before, she had written a few songs near the end of her Saturn period (depression).

These song titles include the names "Winter", "Crucify" and "Silent All These Years".

Not surprisingly, Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius -- the signs of winter. Hence the title, "Winter." Saturn is said to be freezing cold and dark. Because Saturn was the ruler, all these effects (of chilling and slowing down) were brought about as a potentiating influence upon her life.

"Crucify" also relates to Saturn, in the sense that in the midst of enormous suffering, one feels as though she is being crucified, and, spiritually speaking, must be born again.

"Silent All These Years" is clearly connected to Saturn as well; for one thing, Saturn is the longest time period there is (... "all these years"), and does in fact rules silence. The ancient books tells us that when a person is born with Mercury conjoined to Saturn in a muted image (Scorpio, Pisces etc), we say that person would not be talkative, or would actually be dumb. 
The notion with Saturn is a lack of movement, the opposite of fire.

Hope for Humanity

In that same year, 1994, during her Jupiter period (friendship, alliances, stability), when Jupiter was strongest because of being in her Ascending Sign, she founded RAINN, which is the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization. RAINN stands for Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. It includes a national sexual assault hotline. It's mission is to educate America to prevent sexual violence. It is has given hope to millions of people. Her Ascending Sign is Scorpio, the traditional sign of those kinds of things (Scorpio is ruled by Mars). Thus when Jupiter came to the place of Mars, it indicated ultimate triumph over her enemies.

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