"You are spot onEverything you said came true exactly when you said it would. You always fill me with hope!" - Rahja

"Unbelievably fascinating. You are like an Encyclopedia of the ancient astrologers." - Aaron

"With the hypnosis my stress and pain just melted away and I felt refreshed the next day for the first time in a while." - Amanda

"You are the best astrologer I have ever had a reading given to by me." - Andrew

"A very enlightening experience!" - Jaclyn

"Answers to life long questions were answered!" - Ivy

"I felt completely weightless and connected to infinity!" - Melissa

"After the first session, I experienced a steady stream of confidence." - Brandon

"I really like the way he does astrology. It seems to make more sense than anyone else I've heard before." - Amanda

"You know me better than any of my friends and we've never even met before!" - Cookie

"I have never felt more awakened as I have in the past few days. I cannot express enough gratitude to express just how important it was for my re-connection to the power of consciousness." - Justin

"Haven't smoked a cigarette since our session. I learned to replace my thoughts with other images. Sometimes all you need is a little distraction and you and run with it." - Joe

"Joe is a genius at astrology." - Nay

"Best astrologer in Buffalo." - Lee

"He will be a power to be reckoned with in his 40's!" - Carol

"You are speaking directly to my soul." - Rachel

"Since our hypnosis sessions I have learned to gain control over my addiction. It no longer rules my life. I feel like the monkey is finally off my back. And I learned a lot about myself in the process." - Sarah

"Since our energy healing session, the pattern has been altered, and I feel much more clear-headed." - Kevin

"I would definitely recommend my friends to you. You have really deep insight and really helped me out. Thank you." - Ashley

"A highly skilled astrologer no doubt!" - Matt

"You are speaking directly to my soul." - Lindsay

"He has a lot compassion which makes you feel comfortable. You know he's not faking it." - Jared

"Helped me to get over my relationship problems which I thought would never happen." - Tim

Mr. Joseph Cosmos

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