1776  in  Veienna, the Phenomena of Mesmerism  

"There is only one disease and there is only one cure."  -- Franz Anton Mesmer

Beginning about the mid-to-late 18th century, during what is called the Age of Enlightenment, a pride of healing pulsed through the public at large -- poor persons and Aristocrats alike in the same space. This means of healing was called Animal Magnetism.

You are familiar with this energy, Animal Magnetism, as libidinous energy, or pulsion felt "down there" when you stand next to a person you are attracted to. The energy is not actually localized in any part of the body. Opiods are released by the intenstines however, and it appears that when the aura of persons interact in a very basic, harmonious way, there is what is called Rapport, which means a sympathetic vibration. This has been called by others a Field of Relation, which exists between subject and object and between client and healer. The Relation Field occurs through your magnetic fields, in other words. The relational field is magnetic, and I will present much more evidence for this.

Your memory is magnetic is strongly affected by the waters of the tides under the changing Moon phases. Ancients said regarding the Sun and Moon as man and woman, the waning Moon crecent was most truly Feminine, while the Sun at noon was most Masculine. In our space-time reality, we live in space, which is electrical. Thus male seems to dominate in this reality -- yet in the invisible plane Female exists just as strongly. This also means, then, that the Afterlife state is where the Feminine (Magnetic) dimension (time) is dominate.

The subconscious and conscious mind have a different system of logic. The subconscious is what we would term "receptive" and her nature is magnetic. In this state of operational existence, logic is fluid and one idea flows into the next without any resistence to the experience. It is as though you are swimming under water, except the water is alive, and you are flowing through it. 

If you burn a plant, or even think of it, this living field perceives the intention. In this realm of time/space, the afterlife (which is governed by the Feminine Principle, Time) the veil is lifted, because you are on the other side. Time and space are exactly equal. The body of a dead person is preserved with the awareness that if meticulous rituals and honors to the body of the now liberated mind/spirit complex, this can assist in its moving forward, since the death is the first thing to be observed, (and if one remains attached the earth-life, they can stay around in part to observe reactions of family members in order to recognize what has just happened (sudden death syndrome, someone gets struck by lighting etc). 

Time moves backwards, overall, in the afterlife state and you reverse the time spend in the body. As time moves backwards, on another level it is moving forwards. From this level, you are noting what precautions and outlines will be taken in care for the future, adjusting the course. The Veil removed, in time/space, there is great fluidity because the Total Picture can be seen. The Veil is lifted, you can see.

Balances can only be correct when you are incarnated in a body. In time/space, you heal fully and see fully, but you cannot change your polarity. It has been set. Our reality is called The Choice, because you choose your polarity. You did not create what you choose between (love and hate), but you must choose!

It may be of benefit to return to the practice world of hospitals. You can think of a few I am sure. One of the single most important findings was how to use 3 Dimensional Magnetic Imaging of the Brain.

For instance, the earth's Magnetic Field keeps us in perfect harmony, if we will stop and listen.

A note on this word, Animal. A translation from the Latin animus, reveals the heart of this word, Animus, is Animating, which is a far better translation than Animal. The distinction being made in root is the difference, between living and non-living matter.

In my own terms, what Mesmer was doing was awakening this energy in the persons around him. I tend to think of Mesmer as the coolest hipster ever. He was like a rock star, might be a better term. He and his commrades, in the Heart of the Time, all signed a secret agreement to honor this energy, which is invisible but entirely real in the Universal Honors [ look up]

They gathered, say, 33 persons in a long line, all holding hands. They were actually sitting in a circular tub. The energy moves through the feet and the hands of the people. Effectively the energy during that time was of a different Phenomological nature than we observe in our present times. Back then, certain types of persons sitting in the circle, would be found to break from the circle and fall into a hysterical state of laughter.

For hours, music would play hauntingly in the background. Mesmer was friends with Mozart. Mesmer married a rich, older woman who introduced him into High Society. Remember this secret agreement is to be taken to heart.

It can be seen in the light of modern science how this works, as well. The greatest blunder or intentional privation of the outlet for magnetic "Vitality" by science occurred through a deliberate though concealed "left-handed motion" of their hand (their will).

It is also true Electricity and Magnetism were both discovered during this period of the mid 18th century. Man, in the Enlightenment, got his hands tangibly on these substances. What would become of them would not develop until the proper time because the correct theory of space and time was out of their reach.

During Memser's days as a Healer of the public -- his cures were not contested, just the theory. The Commision through the baby out with the bathwater -- as they say.

It was ruled by an official comity that "There is no animal magnetism apart from imagination."

Here we have the great blunder or intentional privation. Dewey Larson's 1967 book New Light on Space and Time was not an instant hit with the public but it is has now gained momentumus current travelling under the upper, faster spinning currents of main stream science, running in the left direction, while this New, proven understanding of the complete picture of the universe, moves rightward.

Wilhelm Reich

In the 1950's a man named Wilhelm Reich developed a theory very similar to that of Mesmer. Reich was a powerful figure in the field of psychology. He published his findings that a universal fluid exists around and in all things, and he even discovered a way of storing and building up this energy, which resulted in healing! Reich is the only person in American history to have his books burned. He was thrown in jail by the FDA.

This is absolutely astonishing. He called it Orgone Energy, and you should look it up.

James Esdaile

The Mesmeric craze had mostly died out, until the mid 19th century a surgeon named James Esdaile, practicing in India, used Mesmerism to induce his patients -- who were to undergo surgery -- into the mesmeric trance. This was at a time prior to the discovery of anesthetics.

The result was that surgery could be performed on persons without pain. People often died either in surgery from blood loss, or from infection afterwards. Esdaile's use the use of the Mesmeric Trance changed the fatality rate from 1 out of 2, to 1 out of 20. There was less bleeding, less infection, and no discomfort. Esdaile amputated legs, testicles and did other feats that, even by today's common "understanding" seems incredulous. But the most astonishing fact is that these proven methods were, yet again, rejected by those who were in power at the highest levels of the academic society.

Anesthesia was soon discovered, replacing what was later called the Esdaille state, also called the Coma State. Anesthesia has a lot of problems, including decreased ability to fight infection. What kind of world do we live in?


Reiki is a healing modality based on energy transfer which has gained widespread acceptance here in the West. It is not ancient. In fact, it originates in Japan in the early 20th century. Reiki is a healing modality based on principles known by metaphysicians for ages involving tapping into universal energy and sending it someone, and through the use of shapes. It's very simple to learn, and I believe that its simplicity may be its strength, as in the zen saying goes "more is less, less is more."

In short, Reiki is simply another form of healing that uses the principles of Mesmer's Animal Magnetism, except that it is called by a different name and has different means of channeling this energy into, or through, another person. In fact, the primary technique that Mesmer used and which Esdaille used was that of making hand passes over the body of the person, which induced a trance state. This is precisely what Reiki does, in a fashion that is standardized.  Reiki includes self-healing, healing others at a distance, the use of healing through crystals and more.

The most unique and interesting feature of Reiki is healing through the use of shapes. The use of shapes in healing and directing the Will is something that goes back to Hermetic Magical Practices and even earlier -- that is, over 2000 years into our past.

Unfortunately the shapes used in Reiki are not truly metaphysical. They use letters (characters) from the Japanese alphabet. Because these same letters are used outside of the healing context, the metaphysical charge is greatly decreased in terms of purity.

At any rate, what happens when healers throughout the world use shapes to generate healing energy is that a collective Form effect is generated, and this, in the style of Plato, is a Form which exists as an Ideal, apart from time and space, in a transcendental realm of pure being, That is where these shapes get their power from -- the collective and repetitive use of the shapes. Any thought consistently thought generates power in the geo-magnetic field of the earth itself. For more on that, see the work of Dr. Persinger.

Another criticism I have of Reiki is that the shape being created is 2 dimensional only. The shapes are flat. It would be way more effective if 3 dimensional figures were used, like in the magical practices of Hermeticism, the Golden Dawn, etc. This is an obvious point, but is overlooked by its practitioners.  I have much more to say about that in the book I am currently writing called "The Metaphysics of Hypnosis."

One more comment on Reiki is that, to much knowledge, Reiki practioners are not educated in the creation of the trance state, nor have they considered that Reiki could be used to create an analgesia for surgery. In short, Reiki is not an ideal healing practice, although it is very popular these days. 

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