Glancing At An Ancient Prediction Technique

In Hellenistic Astrology, there are approximately 8 different predictive techniques. These are called Chronocatorships (Time-Rulerships).

These are used to predict the times when potentials existing as fixed within a given planet are activated. Once activated, the effects of the planet will be felt. The effects will correlate directly to the condition of the planet as it was found at the time of the birth.

Planets can be well placed or not well placed, according to a hierarchical scheme. So you want to know how well the planet is found in the chart, because when it activates, that force is unleashed.

Exactly when they become active is determined by metaphysical reasoning based on the Ideal & elemental considerations. 

Below, I will be making rather simplistic cases illustrating the broadest usage of one particular technique called "Quarters of the Minor Planetary Periods" or for short, "Quarters". This was presented by Vettius Valens in the 2nd century.

First, let's speak in general before giving an example. Suppose a planet becomes a time ruler. This planet rules over the life.

If it is Mars, you may expect something of a severing nature.

If it is Venus, you may expect something of "mending together" nature.

If it is Jupiter, circumstances will be "confirmed" and stabilized.

If it is Mercury, this is destabilizing and contesting.

If it is Saturn, there may delays to business, sorrows, insomnia.

If it is the Sun, this indicates one's actions, and dominion over space.

If it is the Moon, this indicates the house, and going inside, things of females.

Then, once the quality of a planet as it falls in the chart is known, it is possible to fine tune the time period and thusly exact events can be predicted.

This fine tuning involves the use of transits and profections.

Modern astrologers, in their ignorance of the tradition, look at every transit as if it were to cause something. This is why frequently they expect something to occur during a transit, and nothing occurs. The planet must have its powers awakened from the inside, or there is no event.

Example  1

David Berkowitz, an incarcerated serial killer

What are the features in Berkowitz's chart that indicate a criminal nature ?

In particular, there exists in astrology a mathematically derived point based on metaphysical reason, which is called The Lot of Treachery. This Lot shows whether a person embodies Treachery.

In his chart, this is the case.  The Lot of Treachery is in Scorpio, and the ruler, Mars, is found conjunct the Lot of Fortune & Mercury in the sign of Gemini. Mars is extremely powerful -- not only is it in an exact conjunction to a Mercury who is dignified in its own Sign, but Mars is seen also do be located in its own boundary -- with the Lot of Fortune & the Moon is making applications to it, activating it. 

When a planet is in its own boundary, it is as strong as it can be according to the where it falls in the Zodiac. This means it has power for good or evil. Mars is an evil planet, and because this is a day chart, the evil is made worse because Mars provides contrary testimony to the live. That is, in this chart, Mars is way too strong and has way too much power for its own good -- I say too strong because Mars functions as an evil in this chart.

Mars is located in a bad place (the 8th) which makes him further evil.

Mars is also conjunct a fixed star called Alnath, who is known to exhibit Mars-like qualities itself.  In particular, "attack" and "weapons" are qualities listed for this fixed star. Mars in alignment to a star of a Mars quality adds further trouble.

The important thing to understand if you are an astrologer is that the Lot of Fortune is what enabled the potential to manifest in form, because the Lot of Fortune has to do with the embodiment of the life.

Because he was born at a time when Mars was potentially very harmful, we must turn our attention to when that planet activates.

The Moon ruled the first 6 years and 3 months
Venus ruled the next 2 years
Jupiter the next 3
the Sun the next 4 years and 9 months
Mercury the next 5.
Mars Rulership began at the age of 21 (June, 1974).

Biographically, it was at this time that he began setting fires in New York City.

He set his first fire in September of 1974 and did not stop until he set over 2,000. Three months later, he committed assault with a deadly weapon.  Then in late July of 1976, still in his Mars period, he committed a murder. Later 4 others were murdered, and 6 others managed to survive his insane attacks.

Fortunately he was arrested near the end of this Mars period, in August 1977. His arrest marked the end of one chapter of life.

Example 2

Mark David Chapman

This is the natal chart of the man who shot and killed John Lennon.

I want you notice that this chart shares a "striking" number of features with the chart above (Berkowitz). Coincidence?

Both charts feature Scorpio Rising. The ancient astrologers stated that Scorpio is the sign of treachery. The ruler of the Ascendant --- in both charts -- is Mars in Gemini, and Mars is found in its own boundary, making Mars very strong, although Mars is in aversion to the Ascendant which indicates that the native's life "goes off course" or "reaches an unintended destination." Further, Mercury is found in its own Sign, Gemini, with Mars in both charts. This makes the 8th house, the place of death, extremely powerful.

Just like in the horoscope of the Son of Sam, the murders took place when Mars became the active ruler. Mars is the planet bringing about severances, bloodshed and crime -- and this is especially true when Mercury comes into play, which it does in both charts, for this makes the mind itself (Mercury) criminal. In the case of Chapman, the murder of John Lennon occurred just one month into the period of Mars, which lasts 3 years and 9 months.

This Mars was further given power to do harm by the fact that it was in a close conjunction and applying to the fixed star Bellatrix, a star whose nature is that of Mars and Mercury. It is an unfortunate star. It is known to bring "sudden dishonor."

I find this to be potent evidence. Two charts with the same configuration both have the same results at the predicted time.

Example 3

This person is a friend of mine whose identity is being withheld

In this chart, the Lot of Fortune is in Cancer the Crab, which is ruled by the Moon. The Lot of Fortune indicates the material aspect of life, whether a person is likely to be wealthy, average or poor. It also indicates the health and whether a person has a job.

At age 23, the Moon became the ruler. At this time his health was poor, and he was unable to work due to severe depression, anxiety and chronic pain. At 25, he was no longer able to live at home and within a short amount of time he became homeless and forced to live in a shelter.

Examining the Moon, we note that the Moon in Scorpio is the depression of the Moon, that is, its worst sign, causing the most difficulties, especially since it is ruling the Lot of Fortune. Further, the Moon is witnessed by both malefic planets, Mars and Saturn, while the benefic planets, Jupiter and Venus, are in aversion, unable to offer any assistance. This is the worst possible situation for a planet to be in. It is like being surrounded by enemies while your allies are no where in sight. It is no wonder that at this time, he fell to his knees at the hands of fortune.

After the Moon period ended, at age 29 years and 3 months, he was suddenly offered a permanent residence given to him by his family. His new ruler was Jupiter, the planet of abundance, great gifts and happiness. In his chart, Jupiter is extremely strong (in contrast to the Moon being extremely weak).  Thus when the Moon period ended and Jupiter began, his life immediately turned around. At 29 years and 6 months he began receiving money from the government for his disability. Notice that Jupiter is dignified in the 2nd house from the MC.  The MC indicates the government, and the 2nd house from the MC indicates the money of the government. He also got medical treatment at this time and was finally able to live a productive life -- after nearly 7 years of the harshest fate, indicated by the severely situated Moon ruling the Lot of Fortune.

Example 4

This person is a client of mine who also will remain anonymous to protect her identity.

In this chart, we will focus on the planet Mars. It is very strong, located in the 10th house (one of the 4 angles of the chart) and across from the Lot of Fortune, with the Moon applying to it. It is also in its own boundary indicating extreme strength. Unfortunately it is placed in the very last degree of the sign, which is malefic in its own right according to the ancients. Notice this is nearly identical to the chart of Berkowitz; indirectly it serves as proof of the validity of the techniques being used. That is to say, in both cases, the planet Mars is fulfilling the rules set out by the ancient astrologers to indicate strength. Remember that when it comes to different people's birth charts, not all planets are equal.

This is the chart of a female. Unfortunately, when a female is born with an extremely powerful Mars, it can often attract violence to her from males. That is because Mars is the ruler of violence and masculinity. In fact, commonly when Mars is located on one of the angles of the chart, in its own sign, and with the Moon applying to it, that female comes to suffer abuse and the hands of a male. I have had 3 female clients with this exact planetary configuration and all suffered the same fate at the appointed time (sad to say; it is no wonder why the ancient astrologers were Stoics).

Because of this astrological signature, we could predict that the native would encounter danger at the time of Mars' rulership. Mars became ruler at age 11. At age 12, she was beaten and raped. Following this time period was Saturn, and through out this time period she suffered depression and insomnia -- both qualities of Saturn. Her luck changed age 19 years and 6 months when the benefic planet Venus became ruler, followed by the benefic planet Jupiter. Both of these planets are so highly dignified in her chart that she overcame her struggles at last during this time.


What we notice in these 4 examples is something that Valens pointed out 2000 years ago.  Namely, that most people live average and mediocre lives because at their time of birth the planets were situated as such. That is to say that the planets were neither terrible nor fantastically placed. In these examples, however, the planets were placed in exceptional manners. In the case of Berkowitz, his Mars was as malefic as it could possibly be. In the 2nd example, the Moon was situated as unfortunately as it could possibly be. In the 3rd example, Mars was placed in an extremely risky position. What this means is that predictions are easier to make when the planet is located either very strong or very weak. An average planet simply leads to average events, and nothing that stands out.


The rationale for the length of time distributed to the planetary periods is completely mathematical and scientific. The ancients developed astrology upon science, at a time when science and philosophy meant the same thing.

It is based upon what is called synodic cycle, which is the ratio (harmonic relationship) of a given planet's location to the Sun over a period of time. The list below shows the planetary periods (in years):

Mercury  20

Venus    8






The easiest to explain are the first 6 listed planets. If you set a particular date in time, and then go forward in time to the listed number of years, that planet and the Sun will have the exact same ration to one another as before. The Sun's time period is determined by the nodes (eclipses). That is, every 19 years there is an eclipse in the same location in the sky.

Interestingly in the West, we have for girls what is called "the Sweet 16th". Without question, this particular birthday is a very special day for females. But why the 16th year and not the 15th or 17th? Notice that Venus -- the planet ruling womanhood, femininity  grace, beauty etc. -- makes its 2nd synodic return at that time! Venus is in its exact same location as when she was born, which awakens the power of the planet Venus. From Urban Dictionary "Sweet 16 is for the 16th birthday, which for girls is important because it symbolizes the becoming of a woman. For guys it's just another birthday, so they could give a shit less about it."  For one word comes to mind -- Pink! As for boys, there should be something called "the Manly 15th" -- because it is in the 15th year that Mars makes its 1st synodic return.

It is a mystery, then, how the ancient astrologers knew to take one quarter of the these mathematically and scientifically derived time periods, and starting from the location of the pre-natal new or full moon, circumambulating in the order of the planets as they lie in the chart and allot that time to them. These are based upon metaphysical constructs of how the universe itself is a living being, with a heartbeat. I cannot express the deep reverence I have for these ancient astrologers.

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