Meanings of the Planets


Mercury - Hermes

This spherical entity conducts the activities of men through the realm of exchanges encompassing every activity beneath the moon. Everything that man can do, all his activities of business and all necessary actions which must be undertaken and what all we are dealings forced to deal do beneath the sun, it is Mercury who orders their progression, making up the divisions of time into occurrences of weights and measures. He governs all the languages of earth and all communications. He puts thoughts directly into the mind of the native; in a horoscope led by providence he surrounds the native with intellectual forces. But when it is the case that Mercury is ill-situated in the chart then one's interactions with the world are comparability dull. More, he is criminal minded and everything he owns slips through his hands; his daily intellectual business suffers and his associations lack depth. Whenever Mercury is in the boundary of Mars he makes liars and cheats. This planet also brings about the end of civilizations: when men become so selfishly engrossed in their own inventions that they get caught without the infinite creator in their heart, and while their machines (intellectual devices) take over the operations of the world, it is this star that eventually will bring ultimate ruin and downfall.

Saturn - Kronos

This spherical entity is ruler of time, darkness and struggles. Within the mighty realm of Saturn we are challenged solemnly at the level of soul to break ahead in life against its tide and transform ourselves from stone figures into real personalities possessing unique talents. It's revolutionary period is 30 years and it rules over the long term inclinations of our actions, such as the foundation of a family. Thus although the astrological effects of Saturn are generally diminishing and hurtful to a person, no planet is without positive benefit. But if there is any benefit to come from Saturn it will be because the will of the person has become involved. A lifetime is not accomplished in one day; the older you get the wise you become, especially if during that time you have been actively being a philosopher, seeking the One Infinite Creator. Perhaps by living authentically and listening to our Higher Selves, the blows of this planet--doom itself!--are hushed. When Saturn is activated horoscopically, the native experiences melancholy, depressions and fears; threatening are the breaking up of necessary functions, losses of payment or employment, the ending of important engagements and cannibalism  When Saturn is extremely well placed in a birth chart, it can have more positive effects including control over a large area of land, power in politics and hoarded wealth.

Jupiter - Zeus

This spherical entity stands in contrast to Saturn, taking man from out of the darkness and slavery of time and into the light and freedom of victory. This positive planet's main function, thusly, is nothing less than the complete restoration of the glory of the kingdom of heaven. Man is said to have formed out of Saturn first and to have been savages during this period but when coming to the sphere of Jupiter man surpasses his disparages and is delivered from suffering. For this reason Jupiter rules over enlightenment, success and philosophy. Socrates said that the wisest ruler of a country must also be a philosopher in order for the nation to remain strong. When Jupiter activates in the chart it brings a release from troubles, popularity with the masses and great gifts. In other words, something good will happen, something will be restored. Keep in mind that you cannot exceed your fate; when Jupiter is activated in the horoscope there will always be delights but these will not be greater than the strength of that planet at the birth. For this reason the ancient astrologers discovered a great deal of techniques which are still not in use by the majority of astrologers today, but employed by this author. This planet causes people to go after their desires and to be successful in their actions, possessing the great spirit which is always displayed on film and in sports; like the planet is seen in astronomy its natives generate a tremendous magnetic force--these people are jovial, funny and positive. Yet still, it is said that a true Jupiter personality is a rare thing; for most people are washed out and not dedicated to a single thing but occasionally a soul comes along and is so upright in their activities hat they are considered holy men even as they go about their business in politics, the court systems, or whatever. In this way, being lifted up and exalted by Jupiter's best possible placement, man comes near onto the Creator.

Mars - Ares

This spherical entity, like Saturn, is primarily negative in its influence although when positioned properly can have some positive effects as well, of course. Mars is the lord of war but carefully understood this term encompasses the realm of daily life, in terms of all our minor aggressions and hostilities. Remember that Saturn is struggling to see the light of life; Mars governs the effects of violence (screams, bloodshed, murder, rape). Whenever tempers flair, a face is reddens or there is an assault at any level, it is Ares. His effects seem to make up the bulk of our experience in the world. The primary function by which Mars operates is through the act of severing or splitting apart. Thus, the same energy which causes a car to break is also at hand in the ending of a relationship. This star, at the appointed time, brings forth needless suffering to its natives, through fines, imprisonment or accidents. When placed positively the chart, it makes a person commanding and confident, the kind of person who strikes fear into you when talking.

Venus - Aphrodite

This sphereical entity grants all the pleasures and happinesses of life. The contrast of Mars, Venus brings things together, allows them to mesh and mingle nicely, which builds social and artistic bridges. There is a piety and grace this planet bestows, making her natives concerned about the well being of their fellow man; it causes people to dance and to celebrate. Venus causes marriages based on real love, poetry and music which is good and upright, and similarly to Jupiter, merriment, friends and laughter. When she is not well placed the native isn't as pleased, they may lack grace or be socially mediocre. Venus will cause the native to question their path because ultimately humans are deciding how to serve the world through interactions with people. Depending on how this planet is placed, it can make people uncomfortable and shy around others, especially in its retrograde phase, or it can turn people into swingers when it is with the Sun in Leo. And all this comes to effect the charm (magic) and personality of the native. These natives seem to possess a divine intellegence as they go abotu their daily activities.

The outer planets cannot be seen with the naked eye, they were not discovered until centuries after astrology had been completed in its make up. Astrology truly is complete already without the outer planets; therefor I read them only when there is an orb of 1 degree and I treat them like fixed stars. They are important indicators of the collective consciousness.


This spherical entity, and Neptune and Pluto, were not discovered or used by the ancient astrologers and we have no records of them from which to draw our observations. Thus, the discovery of these planets brought about the new age of astrology. We have come to understand these planets in a different light than the ancients, perhaps. Literally and figuratively Uranus presides over sudden jolts of lightning, in a mere instant capable of turning everything upside and into disorder. When Uranus is in the fire signs he seems to operate best. (Scorpio? Hell no.) Uranus makes people mismatch clothes, makes them appear unique and original. In the 1st house he makes the hair stand up or causes a scar and gives the native a super yang (masculine) presence, prone to aggression and fights. Like having Mars in the 1st, they are prone to egotistical remarks. In the 7th house the marriages become unstable so that peace is never found except for short periods of time...  before Uranus crashes again. This causes fights and the person will have more than one marriage. Uranus people rebel against the standard but he also makes radical philosophers and scientists and teachers who push past the boundaries of what is known. When trine Mercury, Uranus makes men very intelligent. This seems to be its most favorable position, especially cadent from the angles the lot of fortune.


This spherical entity rules the 9th house, Pisces, which is the place of the Creator, the divine, the supernatural, the philosophical and metaphysical. Very water, Neptune blurs distinctions and causes people to coagulate together. Neptune is the ruler of all psychedelic and outrageous displays, including blockbuster movies. Also alcohol is under Neptune's effects, largely because of the hazy and blurry nostalgia this planet is renown for. This planet a person who works in channeling, Neptune is most definitely in a pristine condition, because this planet from its great distance sends a great and pleasant wave, yet it can envelope a person and sometimes be too much. Then a person begins living in clandestine world of their own, naturally liberated from the inconvenience of such things as time, space.

Pluto - Hades

This spherical entity conducts his business in the Underworld clandestinely from afar. Through its atomic charge, it brings hardships, a time when a person is forced to abandon something yet it is deeply evolutionary and wonderful to go through something so intense to process spiritually. When Pluto is trine the Sun or Moon, he makes people able to endure toil and catastrophe with greater resistance than the rest of us. When conjunct or opposite any planet, Hades brings about an evolutionary energy which, with difficulty, clears the path, clears the karma of the past for that planet, releasing its debt. 

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