The  12  Topical  Places

I - Ascendant
The steering-oar: Life, body, breath

The Gate of Hell: M
oney, possessions, "shadowy", giving and receiving, association.

The Goddess: Brothers, travel abroad, governance, authority, friends, relatives, rents/revenue, subordinates.

IV - Immum Coeli 
The Subterraneous: Rank, one’s own wife and older individuals, activity (system/motor), city, home, possessions, lodgings, alterations, change of place; dangers, death, confinement, holy matters.

The Good Fortune: The place of children, associations, friendship, subordinates & freedmen, the completion of some good deed or benefaction.

The Bad Fortune: Subordinations, injuries, bitterness/resentment, sickness, disease

VII - Descendant
The Setting Place: marriage, consummation, affairs with opposite sex, friendship, being away from home.

The Idle Place: death's door, benefits from the deceased, law, dysfunctions.

The God: Journeys, 
Friendship, benefits from foreigners, God, king, magnates, astrology, oracles, revelations from gods, mystic and occult matters, associations

- Mid Heaven
Praxis: Occupation, rank, success, children, women, development, innovation in business.

The Good Spirit: Friends, aspirations & hopes, gifts, children, subordinates & freedmen.

The Bad Spirit: Foreign lands, resentment/bitterness, subordinations, injuries, dangers, tribunals (karma), disease, death, sickness.

see above

Best Places are in Dark Blue

Good Places are in Light Blue

Bad Places are uncolored

In Grey is the "Least Good of the Good / Least Bad of the Bad" Place

The Bad Places fail to possess a perfect geometrical relationship to the Ascendant.

This is why they are bad.

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