Horary Astrology

Horary ("of the hour") Astrology refers to the asking of a specific question. The question of the hour. A person doesn't want a full birth chart cast for them, but rather ... they have just a single question!

Chances are that question is very important. And so they seek an astrologer who knows that the answer to their question can be found by casting a chart for the moment of asking the question.

By the way ... only traditional astrologers know horary astrology.
 Most astrologers do not practice ancient astrology. Horary is a specific discipline requiring years to master. Ancient astrologers have a profound depth for metaphysics and philosophy while modern astrologers seem limited to discussion about the 12 Signs and the 3 outer planets, replete with superficial descriptions of personality characteristics and obtuse optimism. If you've been to the average astrology website, you'll notice this is true. My dear friend, you are in the home of a real astrologer. I welcome you and invite your questions.

Questions should be posed in such a way that a definitive "yes" or "no" answer can be given.

Examples of potentially appropriate Questions are:

"Will my lost pet come home?" 

"Will I be accepted into the university?" 

"Will I win the lawsuit?"

"Where is the hidden money located?" 

Below is an example of a simple horary question and answer :

 On March 26th, 2012, the Buffalo News, in their headline, asked :

"Will the Sabres hold on to their recent winning streak & make the playoffs"?

Lets's jump right into the heart of this question astrologically.

Visible are 3 planets -- the Moon, Venus and Jupiter -- functioning harmoniously together in the sign of the Bull.  Each of these 3 planets contain naturally a positive, benefic quality. The Moon is the most important planet in horary; being located Jupiter and Venus indicates recent success in relation whatever activities have been happening (hockey/ winning games).

It's not all positive, there are contradictions that arise. Although there are 3 planets functioning harmoniously in their right, they are located in the 8th house (called "the Idle place", or "death/ decay". The 8th house does not indicate good fortune; when good planets are found in the 8th house, they are stripped of their positive influence.

Astrologically, the 8th house is that place in the sky when it begins sinking in the sky, after it has passed its peaked, when the day slopes downward into night; a metaphorical death.

Therefor, the Moon, Venus and Jupiter located in the 8th house indicates that a good team is a struggling to stay afloat. It is interesting, because the Sabres really do have a superior team and were predicted by some sports columnists to finish first in the East. This entire situation, as it comes to the end of the season, is precisely revealed in the astrology by the planets in Taurus which themselves are very highly functioning, yet in the dysfunctional 8th house.

Yet, the single most important fact this horoscope reveals is the separation of the Moon Venus and Jupiter. In Horary Astrology, a separation indicates an event has recently occurred in the past, while an application indicates the a future event. This means the successes of the team are a thing of the past. Their time is up.

This is further emphasized by the Moon's application to the planet Mercury. In this chart, the condition of Mercury is downright terrible. Mercury is ruling the house of enemies, is the sign of its "depression", is retrograde and in the boundaries of malefic! Yikes. The future is bunk.


This prediction was made in on March 26th and on April 6th, the Sabres were officially eliminated from playoff contention.

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