Did this teenager commit the crime ?

A video on youtube entitled "California Teen Begs Not To Go To Jail..." has 1,600,000 million views at the time of this writing.

In the court room at his first appearance hearing, the teenager was sent to jail with a lofty bail set at $300,000 and is seen sobbing and pleading "Let go of me! Let go of me!" and had to be restrained.  The family of this teen also caused a disturbance in the court room.

The newscaster posed this question: "Is this the same young man who is sobbing today the same student authorities say sodomized another teen with a piece of metal rebar?  His family says no, as they conjure up plans to pay the big bail amount."

A friend of the family is then shown giving an interview to the news where she states, "please come support [him], because he is not that person [who committed the crime]."

Let's view the astrology chart at the time the question is being posed to the astrologer. Again, the question is "did the teenager commit the crime?" 

First thing to do is make sure that the question is radical.  This is a term which means that the answer given will be accurate.  Since the planetary hour is Mars, and Mars is ruler of the boundary of the Ascendant, we have a radical chart.

In this chart, the 1st house shows the accused teen.  Fittingly, it is Gemini.  Gemini and its ruler, Mercury, have been known since ancient times to indicate young persons and students.  It is also not a coincidence that the Ascendant is in the boundary of Mars, since Mars is associated assault and criminality.

There is also a fixed star of unfortunate influence conjoined to the Ascendant. Bellatrix is said to give "sudden dishonor".

Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendant is in the 6th house, in Scorpio. Scorpio is in aversion to the Ascendant.  This shows that the teen is troubled.  Valens says we must always consider the opposite house in our interpretation, and the 12th house is the place of jail.  As stated, the teen was sent to jail.

We must next consider the Moon.  The last aspect the Moon makes indicates events that have previously taken place, while the next aspect the Moon makes indicates future events.

The last aspect the Moon made was, not surprisingly, to Mars.  Mars is located in the 3rd house, which is the place of schools.  This is where the assault is said to have occurred.

Mars is conjoined to a fixed star of unfortunate influence, Alphard, which is said to indicate "problems with law".

The next aspect the Moon makes is to the Ascendant, by means of antiscia.  This undoubtedly connects the assault to the teen.

This is probably enough to make the judgement, that yes the teen did commit the assault, but there is even more revealed in the details of the chart.

For instance, the Lot of Treachery is found with the ruler of the Lot of Fortune.  Treachery indicates criminal activities, and when located in relation to the Lot of Fortune, it is an indication that the chart contains a criminal forecast.  Behold that the Lot of Treachery forms an exact square to Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendant, who represents the accused teen, further connecting him being guilty.

Further, it was also stated that a teacher at the school had something to do with the crime.

The Sun indicates teachers.  In this chart, the Sun is found below the horizon, which means the Sun is weakened; it is not properly radiating as it should be.  Furthermore, the Sun is located in Libra, which is the one where the Sun is depressed, and further, it is very close to the exact degree where it is said to be weakest.  This matches the testimony that the teacher acted inappropriately. 

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