"As Above, So Below" - Corpus Hermeticum

The that the configuration planets in the chart

matches perfectly the configuration of the players.

and the way in which they are engaging with each other !!!

NHL teams Toronto Maples Leafs and Buffalo Sabres tangled in massive brawl last night, now having attracted an impressive 1 million views (and counting), within a week of its occurrence on September 22, 2013.

Considering that only 2 million people tuned into the Stanley Cup Finals 
during game 2 last year, this fight has attracted an unusually phenomenal amount of attention.

Did I mention that this was only pre-season game?


Playing in their home arena, the ruthless Toronto fans cheered while a Maple Leaf savagely slashed a Sabre -- appearing to have wished to take the player out for the season in his slash to the knee. There are fights all the time in hockey, it is part of the game. But no one uses the stick like a deadly weapon. That player received a 10 game suspension.

Exiled. That's Mars for you.

Now, the obvious question posed to the astrologer is: was there a brutal astrological configuration occurring in the Heavens simultaneously at the time of this brutal brawl ?

The answer is a clear yes!

This chart has a unique alignment. It's focus is on the t-square configuration in which the Moon has just separated by opposition from Venus and is rapidly
 applying to Mars by square. What is remarkable is just how tight the orb is between these planets which are all in mathematical configuration to each other respectively. The configuration called the t-square itself is one of dynamic tension, the focus of it is the planet Mars, the star of violence & injury. The exact orb certainly came into play.

The Moon is the quickest planet, and relates to constant fluctuations on life on earth. Subsequently the Moon is the closest planet to the earth, and for this reason it is also rules over events that happen in cities and with the public.  The Moon in Taurus is very strong, but the ruler is found in its exile. This indicates that at first appearance things look quite good, but the end result is not good; things change from good to bad. This is because the ruler has the final word. The exiled planet indicates rejection.

Up to this point, we see that we have in this chart all 3 of the nocturnal planets -- the Moon, Mars and Venus -- in a very sharp t-square configuration. As sharp as it can be. These nocturnal planets, by the way, are associated with the more unconscious aspects of consciousness, the emotional aspects, the irrational.

The square aspect itself is an a configuration which by its nature is considered to violent, harsh and dynamic. The emphasis being on Mars in this tight orb certainly indicates danger. Mars in Leo makes valiant efforts, those defying laws. The player 

This configuration applying to its exactly perfect geometrical formation makes it likely for something to occur. But it's really not enough to make a prediction -- there needs to be more astrological testimonies.

Looking again at the Moon, we note that it opposes its own ruler, Venus. Specifically speaking, this is an aspect of "burning passion". It indicates that the emotions are so strong that reason is bypassed.

Mars cannot be excluded from the interpretation of Venus. In fact, in the deepest possible way Mars and Venus are being fused together.  Here is the truly remarkable part:

1. Mars & Venus are applying in a square by less than 3 degrees.

2. Mars & Venus are in contra-antiscia by less than 1 minute.

3. Mars & Venus are opposite one another in declination by less than one half of 1 degree.

3 degrees is the orb with which planets are not just observing, but actually in adhesion to one another. That is, actively engaged.

Like the square, the contra-antiscia indicates a hostile relationship.

The opposition by means of declination indicates a hostile relationship.

These events occurred
 simultaneously when the Moon was in direct engagement with all the planets in a very narrow range of time, acting as the timer of the hostile Mars & Venus aspects.

Ancient Thoughts

According the the ancient author Valens, Mars and Venus are odds with one another; they cause rivalry and murder; malicious plotters, they suffer crises and will be slandered. According to ancient author Maternus, it indicates all evils, specifically quarrels and accusations and being cut down.

Mars is the planet at the focus of the t-square configuration and represents the action. Mars is the planet of war and bloodshed.  In the sign of Leo the Lion, there is a tremendous amount of savage power.


It is extremely rare to have two planets making exact aspects to one another in so many different ways simultaneously. This is the case between Mars and Venus while they apply by square, antiscia and declination. By itself, this may have not caused an event, but the Moon at the time of the fight triggered the effects by activating the Mars - Venus configuration.

On the same day, there was a hostage standoff where a terrorist group at an upscale mall in Kenya killed at least 59 people and wounded 175.

These events coincide with this brutal and tight astrological configuration.

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