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Brainwaves: These are frequencies in the brain, which are essentially your consciousness. They can be scientifically measured by EEG machines, or detected by trained observers. Those particular vibrations that exist in various parts of your brain have a speed and consistency that actually reveals the quality of your thinking.

There are 4 standard brainwave frequency spectrums.

Normally in a 24 hour period you will experience each of these.

Below is a list of these "four states of consciousness" -- brainwave frequencies. As the fundamental units of life -- consciousness -- they have been named after Greek letters of the alphabet:

Beta Brainwaves

As Americans, we tend to be very busy and externally focused. This active state of awareness is the Beta Brainwave Frequency state.       "Busy Brain"

Alpha Brainwaves

As you close your eyes and focus a moment on something, brainwaves immediately slow down to this Alpha State as your attention goes inward. When you are daydreaming, this is the Alpha Brainwave Frequency state.       "Wakeful Rest"

Theta Brainwaves

In the moments before falling into sleep you experience Theta. Your brainwaves have slowed down considerably, body is profoundly still, attention is internal only, and healing is now occurring.       "Deep Healing"

Delta Brainwaves

After you have fallen asleep for the night, for about 5 - 10 minutes, your brainwaves slow down nearly completely. Amazingly, these are the moments y
our body repairs the DNA.
       "DNA Repair"

So basically ...

Brainwaves reveal if our consciousness is focused internally or externally. The more internal, the more the body is able to do healing work.

Or put it this way ...

Most people think learning occurs when are actively engaged in an external function, like listening to a lecture. In truth, its when the person is dreaming and recalling the lecture that you are now really processing the information!

THAT IS THE REASON dreaming is so important. We process & replay; synthesize & integrate expierience at a much higher (deeper) rate. You do this as your brainwaves
slow down, external awarenesses fade away, allowing you to become more focused automatically.

drum roll .......


Neuroscientists working with Buddhist Monks
recently have discovered a "new" brainwave frequency of consciousness. This is named Gamma State. It has to do with experience of Nirvana, or Enlightenment.

Gamma Brainwaves 

The experience of Gamma ultimately requires dedication to meditation, which is the practice of actively quietening the mind and body.

When the scientists scanned the one monks brain, they said that He must be the happiest person in the world, because the parts of his brain that involve joy were "lit up" while simultaneously the parts that have to do with fear were "turned off"!  Sounds wonderful, does it not?!

To reach this level of consciousness the mind must turn away from the meaningless distractions -- physical things, the body (which ultimately is empty space). I tell you, if you had but a taste of this level of awareness 
you would release at once everything you are doing -- and above all else, seek only this. This is something greater than being in love, and it remains with you forever afterwords.

I myself have attained this state twice in my life.

"Knock and the Door Shall Open"

According to metaphysical doctrine, the mind is a small spark, is always remains connected to the Source of All Light. There seems to be gap to fill. It is like the nature of stars. The cause of suffering is the perceived gap between things. The body is the source of isolation, yet minds are joined. This is why the body must be forgotten about -- for an instant. Thus you realize in the most personal way that the illusionary gap between things does not exist. All things are one. When this moment comes, the brainwaves suddenly burst to full and are now vibrating at an incredible rate of speed!

It is a transcendental experience.

At any rate, I am primarily focused on getting people to the Theta State, but I wanted to include this incredible information with you nevertheless.

What Brainwave Healing Means For You

I will teach you how to slow your brainwaves down. The exact method does not need to be given away, for that you can purchase a session. You will have hands on experience in being free to alter your state of consciousness.

This is entirely or your benefit. Doing this is totally natural and healthy. Controlling your brainwaves means the body and mind are strong. Having a strong mind and body, you gain a secure advantage in life.

Better focus, better mood, you need less rest, your DNA repairs itself, you even digest food better. The health benefits are endless.

"I think, therefor I am"

What Will Happen In the Session ?

Within 10 minutes, I will move your awareness into the Theta State. In a matter of minutes, you'll go from the waking state to that nice "hovering on the edge of sleep state."

Indeed, this is a very nice place to be! Everyone loves sleeping in! It feels as though you are floating on a wave, unaware of body, only aware of your comfort and security. It is 100% safe. No one has ever been injured from this. (I can understand that it may sound scary or intimidating if you've never done any healing work before. The whole process is entirely about being gentle and moving at the rate of speed you are comfortable with. You are in control at all times.) the storehouse of your limitless potential.

A natural healing, I have been using this technique with others for 18 years.

In addition, with your permission, I make hypnotic suggestions to deepen your level of comfort. This evokes a deep trance state. You decide on your level of healing, of comfort. Getting the brainwaves into Theta can be done entirely without words (as I did in the years prior to my training in hypnotism) yet making verbal suggestions can be quite conducive to healing. There are times, however, when it is better to remain totally silent. I am very aware of the subtle magnetic fields. As I told a friend "I can hear you hearing".

This technique will someday be patented by me. Ultimately my goal is to develop a procedure to enable people to reach the Gamma State (Enlightenment). This is made possible by my natural healing ability (a magnetic presence) and my great command of language and understanding of human nature, and the universe at large. These things are written about in book which is upcoming!

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