Birth Chart Reading

This is a fascinating way of exploring the characteristics with which one was born.

Why is it, for example, that some people have fiery temperaments while others are primarily withdrawn?  With astrology, the answer becomes clear.

There is much more to astrology than just your Sun Sign. Every planet is important, not just the Sun. In fact, the Moon Sign gives far more information about a person than their Sun Sign. Learning about your Moon Sign can be extremely liberating, especially if you thought you were just one sign your whole life. You're not, you are all the signs.

My focus in a reading is prediction. I enjoy knowing ahead of meeting the person whether or not they have children, if they are married, what their career is, etc. When I know about your life circumstances, it is easier to place some faith in my predictions. I am CONSTANTLY getting messages from people telling me that my prediction turned out just like I said it would.

Usually people come to me when they are in a desperate situation, and they want to know when their luck will turn around. I can show the astrology of why their difficulties are occurring, and then inform them when they can expect things to look up. I also like to focus on a person's strengths in order to help them feel confident about themselves and their future. Astrology is a precursor to psychology. I am also a trained hypnotist and know a lot about the mind.

The life can be divided into chapters lasting several years, each ruled by a planet. According to what planet that is and how it was situated at the moment of your birth determines the quality of the time period. These techniques are very accurate.

The purpose of having your natal horoscope read to you by a master astrologer is to learn more about yourself, which is empowering. Astrology is very unique and these insights are not available anywhere else.

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